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IT Smart Systems Consultancy

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Tender Description:

We are a leading real estate company in Tbilisi, Georgia (m2 Real Estate), and the owner of a several Hotels in Georgia. The company is working on a 5 star luxury hotel project and seeking a potential IT Smart Systems Consultancy to provide both design and execution.

We are looking for smart system integration for the 5 star hotel which must include high quality equipment and must include an integration methodology framework which can be fully supportable.

The proposed 5 star hotel is approximately 1800m2, 8 levels, which includes the following:

  • Back of house services including IT, storage, kitchen prep, security etc
  • Valet Parking, entry lobby, kitchen support, meeting room / events hall, storage, MEP equip
  • FOH lobby / recep / cafe, fine dining restaurant, kitchen, luggage storage, pool / spa / sauna / gym / wine bar
  • Guest Rooms both standard and deluxe suites
  • Terrace bar lounge, open terrace, kitchen support
  • Roof terrace / bar

Please include the following:

  • Brief company portfolio, with few references to completed or active projects
  • System Integration Methodology, for a brand-less implementation to avoid specific vendor locks (i.e. brief overview of the integration between different systems)
  • Integration Software, preferably using non-proprietary frameworks which connects different systems to each other, such as PMS, BMS, RMS, PBX, Fire Panel, Access System, etc…
  • MAF and eventual Certifications, officially issued by manufacturer only
  • Technical support, on a long-term for every proposed system
  • Project Management, with possible redesign of specific IT systems
  • Installation, Commissioning and Testing
  • Active Network Equipment (1 GBASE-T to end-devices, 10 GBASE-SR between switches, 10 GBASE-T between servers, wireless 802.11b/g/n/ac2600)
  • Passive Low Voltage cabling (CAT6 and SM optical)
  • BMS (Building Management System) with interface to Opera PMS
  • SRMS (Smart Room Management System) with interface to BMS/PMS
  • Access System for Front of the House and Back of the House, with interface to Opera PMS
  • CCTV System including cameras, NVR, control station with keyboard, software and 6 monitors
  • Time Attendance System for hotel employees with interface or export functionality to 3rd party HR software such as Vabaco or similar
  • Fire Alarm System with automatic announcement system
  • Public Address System with 3 independent zones and online media streamers
  • PBX System for IP telephony for PoE and wireless handsets
  • Parking Schlagbaum and payment system, interface to Opera PMS is an advantage
  • Interactive TV System for guest rooms and public spaces to manage TV sets, channels, hotel services and popup banners/promotions centrally, interface to Opera PMS is an advantage, TV channels are provided digitally therefore a headend station is NOT needed.
  • Interactive Hotel App for guest rooms and public spaces, to manage smart RMS and hotel services.
  • High-Level linear drawings (detailed low-level drawings to be assessed separately)
  • 3D visuals are an advantage, to allow our architects to coordinate IT equipment with the MEP and interior design.

Please submit your tender interest by no later than close of business 8th August 2018 in an enclosed envelope to the following address:
Level 3, 29 Chavchavadze Ave,
0179. Tbilisi, Georgia

Once we shortlist and arrange meetings to discuss details, our final decision will be made no later than 15th August 2018.
Key projects successfully implemented.

Our main priorities to define the winner will be overall cost of product and services, terms of implementation, integration methodology framework, customer recommendations and long-term support arrangements.

Please submit all relevant documentation about your company on e-mail latest August 8, 2018m2tenders@m2.ge 

ტენდერის კატეგორია:

  • 71300000 საინჟინრო მომსახურებები
  • 30200000 კომპიუტერული მოწყობილობები და აქსესუარები
  • 35100000 საგანგებო სიტუაციების დროს გამოსაყენებელი მოწყობილობები და უსაფრთხოების საშუალებები
  • 71200000 არქიტექტურული და მასთან დაკავშირებული მომსახურებები
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