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T4297 - IT Audit

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დრო: 18:00
სტატუსი: დასრულებული

Tender Description:

FINCA Bank Georgia is a Joint Stock Company built on the platform developed for over 18 years of operations in the country. The company is a part of Global network of financial institutions indirectly owned by FINCA Microfinance Holdings (FMH), a group comprised of shareholders such as: FINCA International, (USA), International Financial Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group)(USA) KfW Bankengruppe - the German development bank, FMO - the Netherlands development bank, ResponsAbility Social Investments AG, and Triple Jump.

FINCA Bank Georgia, a new member of Georgian commercial banking sector, is a well-capitalized institution, with strong corporate governance, and expertise in financial services management. It has leading position in the field of micro financing. Currently the network of FINCA Bank includes 36 service centers located almost in all regions of the country. FINCA is making a difference: brings a local, trusted banking partner to communities around Georgia, reaches underserved people in urban and rural areas, provides opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs to improve their lives and their communities, over 80 000 people earn their livelihoods in the businesses that FINCA Bank Georgia finances.

FINCA Bank Georgia identifies, pilots and partners with other service providers to bring new life-enhancement services to clients, and funds cutting-edge research to track the benefits to clients allowing the bank to better serve them and maintain a leading position in Georgian microfinance sector. FINCA Bank Georgia is committed to ensure this through its commercial principles of performance and sustainability.

FINCA Bank Georgia invites Sealed Tenders for conducting IT Audit from the firms/companies, who have prior experience of handling IT Audit engagements

The eligibility criteria are as under:

  • The vendor should be in existence for at least 5 years.
  • The vendor must have successfully completed minimum two IT Audits during last five years preferably in financial sector. Experience with ALTA core banking modules (B6, LMS) would be considered as advantage.
  • Audit team should be headed by CISA or similar qualified personnel.
  • Audit team should have technical experience (verified technical qualification of audit team leader/team members in a form of MCSA or equivalent would be considered as advantage).

IT Audit Scope and duration

  • Physical security – environmental controls of information processing facilities, including sampled branches and controls related to video surveillance system
  • Logical security – logical access controls, including privileged and vendor access management
  • Network security – examination of controls related to management of network infrastructure
  • Data Integrity and data management - examination of data accuracy controls, especially related to core business systems
  • Business continuity – examination of business continuity process and related activities
  • IT Governance - examination of process inside IT department
  • IT service quality management – examination of controls ensuring acceptable service level and examination of help desk function
  • Incident management – process of managing incident related to information systems
  • Information security and IT risk management – examination of risk management process
  • Change Management – controls related to changes in IT and critical business systems
  • Compliance with local regulations related to IT

Required information ( To be submitted with the rest of the documents)

  • Service Pricelist

Contact Information
Contact information and submission of the bids

During the RFP process your contacts will be:

First Name Last Name Position Email
Sopio Uznadze Procurement Specialist suznadze@finca.ge 
Giorgi Zhgenti Corporate Audit Department Manager gzhgenti@finca.ge 

Please include both contacts when sending e-mails;

The bidder is free to provide any additional relevant information not covered by the RFP or an alternative proposal if he considers them more tailored to the client. Such items will be submitted as attachments to the proposal.

The bids (in English) shall be received not later than September 27th, 2018 via sealed envelope at HO of FINCA Bank Georgia at 71 Vazha Pshavela avenue, III Floor, office N12, 0186, Tbilisi, Georgia, during the working hours from 9:00 a.m. up to 18:00 p.m.

Proposal validity

Tender Proposal must remain open and valid for consideration for a period of 2 (two) week from the date it was received by FINCA Bank Georgia.
Shortlisted Candidates will be invited for an interview.

Tender language

The Proposal must be prepared in English. The documents obtained from the officials, can be in Georgian. Also, the questions and the answers can be in Georgian or bilingual.

NOTE: FINCA Bank Georgia reserves the right to discontinue the Tender Process at any time with no financial compensation, and makes no commitment that this process will result in a business transaction with one or more third parties.

ტენდერის კატეგორია:

  • 79200000 საბუღალტრო, აუდიტორული და ფისკალური მომსახურებები
სატენდერო დოკუმენტაცია