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T4451 - the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver and Network Equipment for the MIA Border Police of Georgia

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Tender Description:

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an intergovernmental organization established in 1951 and is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits both migrants and society.

In the framework of the project “Sustaining Border Management and Migration Governance in Georgia (SBMMG)”, the IOM invites interested eligible Suppliers to submit Quotations for the supply and delivery of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver and Network Equipment for the MIA Border Police of Georgia:

Lot No Item Description Q-ty Unit
1 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver (Annex 1) 1 set
2 Network Equipment
a. Juniper Network Equipment SRX 300 & SRX 320
b. Other Network Equipment and Accessories (Annex 2)
1 set

A bidder can apply for any lot or for both lots.
Complete detailed specifications as per Annexes 1&2.

With this RFQ is the GIS which include the Instructions to Suppliers, Technical Specifications and administrative requirements that Suppliers will need to follow in order to prepare and submit their quotation for consideration by IOM.

IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation, and to cancel the procurement process and reject all quotations at any time prior to award of Purchase Order or Contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Supplier/s or any obligation to inform the affected Supplier/s of the ground for IOM’s action.

Submission Terms:

Quotation shall be submitted by hand delivery or via international express mail services to the above address on or before 14 November 2018 by 16:00. Late Quotations will not be accepted.

International Organization for Migration, Mission to Georgia
12 Tengiz Abuladze first dead-end,
0162 Tbilisi, Georgia

For detailed information see the attached file below.

ტენდერის კატეგორია:

  • 32300000 ტელედა რადიოსიგნალის მიმღებები და აუდიოან ვიდეოგამოსახულების ჩამწერი ან აღწარმოების აპარატურა
  • 30200000 კომპიუტერული მოწყობილობები და აქსესუარები
  • 35100000 საგანგებო სიტუაციების დროს გამოსაყენებელი მოწყობილობები და უსაფრთხოების საშუალებები
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