T4471 - ტენდერი ადმინისტრაციული, საკონფერენციო და სხვადასხვა სერვისების აუთსორსინგისთვის

ჩაბარების ვადა:
დრო: 15:00
სტატუსი: დასრულებული

Tender Description:

UNICEF Georgia wishes to enter into a Long Term Arrangement for the period of October 2018– October 2020 for supply of Outsource Services.

Accordingly, we enclose our Invitation to Bid No. B-GEO-2018-005 and you are requested to:

  • Submit your bid with unit price(s) in USD, as instructed, on or before bid closing time.
  • Note that failure to bid in USD, or in accordance with the requested terms, will result in automatic invalidation of your bid.

In addition, please note that:

  • The services stated in the bid are estimates only; any agreement that UNICEF subsequently enters into with a vendor, will not obligate UNICEF to purchase any minimum or maximum services/monetary value; and ceiling prices must remain fixed for a minimum period of 6 months;
  • UNICEF is tax exempt (VAT, customs, etc). Kindly ensure that all price(s) quoted in USD are excluding tax (VAT);
  • UNICEF is authorized to procure goods only outside the bonded area. That means that the supplies should be imported on vendor’s name and prices should include customs and duties that required for delivery to UNICEF office. CIP delivery term is not acceptable.
  • This is a sealed bid and you must adhere to the response instructions in the bid;
  • It is important that you read all of the provisions of the bid, to ensure that you understand UNICEF’s requirements and can submit an offer in compliance with them. This includes submission of ALL documents requested, and completion of item texts underneath each item in the bid. Note that failure to provide requested documents or complete the item texts, may result in invalidation of your bid;
  • Evaluation criteria will be based on reliability of the vendor, the best price and delivery terms.

Please note the following:

  • You are invited on the consultation meeting (public conference) at our office at 15:00 of 5 November 2018.
  • Your bid duly sealed must reach our office by 15:00 hours of 14.11.2018 and the bids will be opened publicly at 15:00 hours same day as indicated in the attached bid format.

ტენდერის კატეგორია:

  • 79900000 სხვადასხვა კომერციული მომსახურება და მასთან დაკავშირებული მომსახურებები
  • 55100000 სასტუმროს მომსახურება
  • 79400000 ბიზნესსა და მენეჯმენტთან დაკავშირებული კონსულტაციები და მომსახურებები