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T5279 - ტენდერი შესაძლებლობების განვითარების მხარდაჭერაზე და გაუმჯობესებული მომსახურებების მიკრო, მცირე და საშუალო საწარმოებისათვის

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დრო: 18:00
სტატუსი: დასრულებული

Tender description:

Action Against Hunger (AAH) - Spain, as part of the Action Against Hunger International network, is a non-governmental, private, apolitical, non-confessional and non-profit organisation that fights hunger and its root causes worldwide. It has been operating in the South Caucasus region since 1994 and its current programmes focus on the following areas: Food Security, Livelihoods, Agriculture, Economic and Rural Development.

Within the framework of the project “Economic and Social Participation of Vulnerable Displaced Persons and Local Population in the South Caucasus” – (EPIC), Action Against Hunger aims to support the increased participation and economic and social inclusion of IDPs and vulnerable host community members, by increasing their employment, entrepreneurial and education opportunities.

A specific component of the project is support to the development and expansion of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) run by IDPs, through enhancing their business knowledge and practices, gaining access to finance and and/or improving marketing and sales. To facilitate this process, Action Against Hunger is planning to support a service provider to improve its own services and/or outreach to MSMEs, with a particular focus on IDP businesses.

General Objective:

To improve business services and/or outreach to MSMEs to support the development of their enterprises, by enhancing their business knowledge and practices, facilitating access to finance and/or improving their sales and marketing skills.

Scope of Work:

Action Against Hunger is seeking innovative and interesting ideas from qualified and experienced service providers that will allow them to provide a new or improved service and/or outreach to MSMEs, with a specific focus on IDP-owned companies. These ideas will help to increase business development opportunities of MSMEs by enhancing their business knowledge (including new legislative regulations), financial/accounting practices, access to financial mechanisms or through improving their sales and marketing skills.

New or improved services could include, but are not limited to:

  • On-line services and remote support;
  • New training modules/curricula for business development;
  • Provision of improved access and delivery of enterprise skills for businesses through consultations, workshops, seminars or webinars;
  • Broadening geographical scope of business support in provincial, rural and/or mountainous regions;
  • Research/studies that will be practically applied;
  • New resources and materials to improve service provider’s delivery and/or outreach;
  • Upgrading expertise and skills of provider’s human resources for improved services or outreach;
  • Supporting enhanced linkages and cooperation between MSMEs, business associations, financial institutions and/or public sector;
  • Etc.

The service provider would need to be able pilot the new or improved service to at least 25 MSMEs in Georgia, of which a minimum of 10 must be IDP-owned.

Timeframe: The service provider must be able to complete all activities including the piloting of new or improved service within a 10-month period

Budget: The total budget cannot exceed 10,000 Euros

Application Process:

Applicants are requested to submit their proposals (in the English language) and all supporting documentation electronically to the following email address procurement@sc.acfspain.org no later than the 20th May 2019. The submitted application should fully comply with the requirements set forth in the ToR.

If there are any questions concerning the terms and conditions of this call, please contact Tamar Naskidashvili via the following e-mail: tnaskidashvili@sc.acfspain.org

For more information see attached file.

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  • 79400000 ბიზნესსა და მენეჯმენტთან დაკავშირებული კონსულტაციები და მომსახურებები
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