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T5865 - Tender for the catering service

ჩაბარების ვადა:
დრო: 18:00
სტატუსი: დასრულებული

Tender Description:

Evolution Georgia LLC Announces a tender for the catering service.

The Evolution Gaming leads the way in B2B Live Casino services delivered to the customers’ players via multiple channels and devices. Through company’s innovative software, well-established enterprise-class infrastructure and people, Evolution Gaming adds real value to its’ customers’ gaming businesses.

The Evolution Gaming has been operating in Georgia, through Evolution Georgia LLC (Company), since January 2018 and runs its work during 24/7. The number of employees is actively increasing on monthly based. Nowadays, the company totally counts 2000+ staff members and is still increasing. Consequently, adequate food delivery service is in high demand from our company. Currently the part of the office is under construction process, but the kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary equipment and fully functioning food court (heating and cooling systems). Thus, this space is professionally furnished but the food delivery must be packed and delivered in special containers.

Good food supplier is crucially important to provide solid food delivery processes and arrange the control management on it. We are pleased to invite interested parties to participate in open tender.

Who can apply for participation in the tender and tender process:

  • Who can apply for participation in the tender: The catering companies with a respective experience in catering service are invited to apply for participation in the tender. It will be considered an advantage, if the company has at least 5 years of experience in provision of catering services.
  • Tender process and criteria. 2 rounds are provided in the tender process.

Description of the tender rounds:

Round of the tender Who participates What is necessary to submit/organize What and how will be evaluated
Round 1 All those who expressed interest

Requisites and contact information printed on the company’s letterhead including the below listed information:

  • Name/identification code of the company
  • Legal address
  • Name/surname of the authorized person of the company
  • Name/surname of the contact person of the company
  • Brief information of the activities of the company (brief description of the activities, expertise, reference letters, list of partner companies, etc.)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Experience in the area of public catering;
  • The breadth of the offer;
  • Prices;
  • Food composition.
Round 2 Those who qualify in Round 1 Tasting must be organized – the Customer chooses dishes from each menu for tasting.
  • Presentation (appearance of food on a plate);
  • Taste.

Documents to be submitted. Registration certificate, composition of employees, work organization plan, references from previous clients (if available)

Companies who are interested in the participation in tender shall submit their proposals on company’s email geotender@evolutiongaming.com with CC to mbiniashvili@evolutiongaming.com by 18:00 of September 15th, 2019.

Please kindly review the detailed tender documentation in the attached files.

ტენდერის კატეგორია:

  • 55500000 სასადილოებისა და საზოგადოებრივი კვების საწარმოების მომსახურება
  • 55300000 რესტორნებისა და კვების საწარმოების მომსახურეობები
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